Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Road Diet for US302 coming in 2016!

BARRE, Vt. -
A plan to put the Barre-Montpelier Road on a "diet" is expected to move forward this spring.
The plan illustrated in a VTrans video was originally scheduled for last year. It would see the road go from four travel lanes to two. The extra space would be turned into bike lanes.
VTrans has pushed this configuration in other places, saying it reduces car accidents while accommodating bikers.
Jon Kaplan of VTrans explains in the video that the road can handle the traffic with fewer lanes: "All of the intersections and flow of traffic still functions fine with one less lane. This road was probably just overbuilt based on a traffic projection that never really came to pass, so that's why we have that extra capacity out here now."
A similar project is under consideration for a section of North Avenue in Burlington. Some residents in that neighborhood strongly oppose it.
From YouTube: