Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Support Bike lanes for Montpelier NOW!

In recent weeks Montpelier Bikes has been working with Montpelier
Mayor Mary Hooper and Councilwoman Angela Macdonald Timpone in an
effort to secure funding for bike lanes in the city.  We're pleased to
say that they are in agreement on this, and will put an allocation for
this in the Capital Improvement Plan budget that is now being
formulated for the next fiscal year.

There will undoubtedly be significant trimming of this budget between
now and January when it is finalized, so the fact that it is in the
budget now is no guarantee.  This is where you come in.  You can help
make this happen in the following ways:

Residents of Montpelier:  Send an e-mail or a call to your city
council member NOW telling them that you support funding bike lanes in
the upcoming CIP budget.  We all know the benefits of this.  A
secondary advantage that the non-cycling public would like to hear is
that more bikes travelling in town can help reduce traffic congestion
and open up more parking spaces.  Council members' contact info may be
found at the following link:    http://www.montpelier-vt.org/page/264/Council-Members.html

Everyone:  Attending Montpelier City Council meetings in support of
this will be helpful throughout this process.  This Wednesday's
meeting, (the 28th) will include the first presentation of a rough
budget, and it will come up from time to time this Fall.  Specific
times for public comment will likely be in January.  Please spread the
word about this to other cyclists.  Letters to the editor of
newspapers are helpful.  Your support in words and by your presence in
council chambers will be key in making this successful.  Please stay
stay tuned to help with this effort!

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