Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Move from Burlington to Portland, move Portland to Burlington...

From VTIndoorCycling


Seriously, the "bike train to school" thing has to be one of the coolest implementations of bike transportation I've ever seen.

How many of us have been riding on Williston Road, buzzed by cars, or driving somewhere we could have ridden to but it didn't feel safe, or looked for a place to lock our bike up at a store and found there was no rack anywhere near the door? How many of us would ride to work, but there's no shower? How many of us have just wanted to chuck it all and move to the bike paradise that is Portland?  Better idea: what can we do to get improve the cycling experience in Burlington , so we don't want to move to Portland all the time?

Most of the time, VTIndoor and this blog is focused on training, training hard, doing intervals, and sweating and all that good stuff. But most of us have a life to live the other 167 hours of the week.  Much of that life can be lived, nay, enhanced on a bike. And the way to do that is to use bikes every day. Here's your challenge, folks:

  • This week, come ride with us Thursday night for one more indoor session at Maglianero. 
  • In the next week, take one trip that would have been a car trip and do it on the bike. In street clothes. 
  • In the next month, do something to advocate for better cycling infrastructure. 
  • In the next season, help somebody you know get on a bike. Build up your beater for them, take them on a ride, show them how to change a tire. 
  • In the next year, get involved with your local bike/walk council, rec path committee, planning commission, Local Motion, whatever. these people are out there, and they are working to do good things in your community. Join them. 
See you Thursday night. 

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