Friday, April 6, 2012

South Burlington will test 'complete streets'

From the Burlington Free Press

South Burlington intends to transform a stretch of heavily-traveled four-lane Williston Road into a “complete streets” configuration of one lane in each direction and a center turn lane. Bicycle lanes will be added on both sides of the street.
Public Works Director Justin Rabidoux said the experiment, slated to begin later this spring, will last at least eight weeks.

The state’s Agency of Transportation plans to repave the street this summer and the complete streets lanes will be painted into place while that work moves ahead.

Rabidoux said the project gives the city a chance to assess the impact of the possible change on residents, commuters who use the road as a throughway to and from Burlington, as well as on bicyclists and pedestrians.

The South Burlington City Council authorized the experiment by a 4-1 vote March 26.

Traffic signal timing will be left as it is, at least initially, but “we’ll be prepared to make on-the-fly adjustments,” Rabidoux said. “We don’t want to presuppose an outcome.”

A Williston Road complete streets study is available on the city’s Public Works’ web page.

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