Monday, June 18, 2012

Vermont Statewide Bicycle Map available NOW!

From the VBPC

Thanks to many hours of hard work by volunteer project coordinator Lou Bresee, graphic design skills contributed by students from Champlain College and the cooperation of the state's Department of Tourism & Marketing, a long-awaited statewide bicycle map (in print form) is now reality.  The map is entitled "Vermont Bikeways:  The Vermont State Roads & Trails Bike Map."  You can obtain bulk copies of this free map by contacting   Single copies can be requested via  By the middle of this week, copies of the map should be available for pick up at the state's Info Centers.

The VBPC is grateful to Megan Smith, Commissioner of the Department of Tourism & Marketing, for the Department's contributions to this project, particularly the costs associated with printing and distribution.  Greg Gerdel and David Burnell (also from Tourism) played key roles in getting the map completed.  Thanks, too, to David Lustgarden for involving Champlain's students in this real world experience and to the volunteer bicyclists who recommended the best roads in their regions of the state.

Please note that this map is viewed as a first edition in what we anticipate will be an ever-improving series of maps.  You may wonder why certain roads were designated as bike routes and other roads were not.  Sometimes it was a result of the input we received from bicyclists who live in the area and who were asked to supply recommendations.  Space limitations played a role in certain omissions.  There were numerous other factors at play, as well.  Most important to note is the opportunity for you to supply feedback for the next edition of this map.  Please help us make future maps more accurate, more complete, and better in every way.  After reviewing the map, go to and record your thoughts.  Your suggestions will be studied in preparation for the next edition.

In the meantime, please use this new map to explore more of Vermont--safely by bike.  Thank you.

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