Friday, February 8, 2013

Highspeed Trains through Montpelier?

A suggested highspeed rail map for the whole United States, with stop in Montpelier!? What would you think of that? The option of being able to go to Boston or Montreal in almost no time, connecting highspeed trains to Florida, even the Westcoast? Sounds pretty awesome, pretty European, if you ask. 6 hours to Chicago at 220mph..... think of the possibilities.
 From California Highspeed Rail Authority
New map: US High Speed Rail System. This map is inspired by ideas from various agencies and advocacy groups including Amtrak, The Transport Politic, Wikimedia Commons, Florida High Speed Rail, SkyscraperPage Forums, Southern High Speed Rail, Southeast High Speed Rail, Ohio Department of Transportation, California High Speed Rail Authority, Midwest High Speed Rail Association, US DOT Federal Railroad Administration, Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corp
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