Monday, September 16, 2013

Drunk driver hits three cyclist in the Tour de Farms

SHOREHAM, Vt. - A Shoreham man will be arraigned from his hospital bed Monday in connection with an alleged drunk driving crash that also injured three bicyclists.
The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Police say Brian Miller, 54, crossed the center line on Route 74 and struck a group of cyclists. They were participating in "Tour De Farm," an organized 30 mile ride.  Police say Martin Veit, a 35 year-old cyclist from Moretown suffered head and internal injuries after he went through the windshield.  A 15 year-old girl from Williamstown, Massachusetts suffered a fractured pelvis.

State Police say there was already a warrant out for Miller after he failed to appear for an unrelated DUI charge. Police say an immediate response from other riders may have saved a life.

"It was determined that there were also three doctors that were in the area, either at the Douglas Orchards behind me, or riding their bikes -- that applied immediate first aid and potentially saved the lives of the critically injured people," said Vermont State Police Trooper Justin Busby.

Martin Veit and the juvenile cyclist were both transported to Fletcher Allen for further care. The third rider received minor injuries. Miller was also hospitalized.

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