Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vermont Transportation Board Releases 2013 Annual Report

The state's Transportation Board recently released its biannual report capturing what Vermont residents had to say on various transportation-related subjects.  This report, which is prepared for legislators, has a section (pages 14 - 19) devoted to bike/ped comments that were collected at regional public meetings and via email.  Thanks to the many bike/ped supporters who spoke up.  Note that there is a box on page 15 that reflects the strong feelings expressed by the bike/ped community about the need to eliminate impaired driving.  To read the full report or to review just the bike/ped pages, please go to the T-Board's web site:

The report does a good job reflecting what Vermonters had to say.  What remains to be seen is what action, if any, will be taken by the legislators who receive the report.  Will it prompt changes in policy or legislation to make VT's roads safer or will it take its place on a shelf gathering dust along with so many similar reports?  You can help keep the dust off this report by reading the sections that matter to you and then emailing your representatives in the House and Senate to ask them for their reactions.  Bike/ped improvements will only occur if we keep bike/ped concerns on the table and bike/ped issues in the conversations.

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