Thursday, September 25, 2014

Montpelier in Motion Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Public Work Session: October 2nd, 6:30 pm in city council chambers, Montpelier City Hall

The City of Montpelier will be hosting the second public work session as part of the development of Montpelier in Motion, a bicycling and walking master plan that the City is developing.  The work session will be held  onOctober 2 at 6:30PM in the City Council Chambers in City Hall.  
The purpose of the meeting will be to review solutions: numerous different ideas and recommendations that are under consideration for inclusion in the plan.  The  City and  its consultant team of Broadreach Planning & Design and RSG are looking for public comments on which ideas would be good to use in Montpelier in Motion   
The City is developing this plan to serve as a guide for future actions to make bicycling and walking more visible, easier, and widely undertaken by residents and employees.  The plan covers future roadway and sidewalk improvements along with City policies regarding roadway and sidewalk maintenance; walking and bicycling education and encouragement; and local and state bicycling, walking and driving law enforcement. The plan contains overall walking and bicycling goals that the City hopes to reach as well as methods of evaluating progress towards attaining them.   
The purpose of the Montpelier in Motion plan itself is to serve as a guide for future bicycling and walking improvements within the City.  This planning effort stems from the November 2012 Bike Summit held at Vermont College of Fine Arts. The steering committee for the planning process includes members of the Montpelier Bike and Pedestrian advisory committees.  The notes taken at the 2012 Summit were consulted as this process began.  Please come if you can.  For more information, contact Hannah Reckhow in the city planning department, 262-6273.

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