Monday, March 14, 2011

Bike Share Program is coming to UVM Burlington!

Good news for Burlington students: UVM's Bicycle Users Group (B.U.G.) is planning on launching its long-awaited bike share program from the UVM Campus this week! 

Here is an older excerpt from 's FAQ site:

UVM strongly supports bicycle and pedestrian mobility. The University already takes significant measures to promote these forms of transportation, along with mass transit, by limiting its amount of automobile infrastructure and pricing it accordingly; providing student, faculty, and staff with free CCTA bus passes; investing in efficient compressed natural gas CATS shuttles; and providing numerous bike racks for cyclists. We also realize that more can be done to improve the bike and pedestrian experience on campus. While the Office of Sustainability recognizes the benefits of a bike sharing program, it also recognizes the need for bike sharing to be integrated with a comprehensive campus bike and pedestrian plan, which in turn must be integrated with a municipal plan from the City of Burlington. Some of the current challenges facing cycling as a serious mode of transportation in Burlington are its hilly topography, its cold climate, and Burlington’s lack of a safe, extensive cycling infrastructure throughout the majority of the city. Communities with bike sharing have generally waited until the safety and infrastructure was already in place before starting their programs; those dealing with cold weather suspend their programs during the Winter; and all bike sharing programs—especially those in communities with lots of hills—use trucks to constantly recirculate bikes to match the needs and riding patterns of their users.

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