Monday, March 7, 2011

Storm challenges Burlington street-clearing crews

From Burlington Free Press
Patrick Giroux (left) and Ezat Mullis help push Tracy Hatin's car out of the snow on Decatur Street as Burlington digs out of a massive snowstorm.
BURLINGTON -- The full fleet of Burlington’s snow-removal equipment is struggling to keep pace with today’s storm, said Director of Public Works Steve Goodkind at 10:30 a.m.Fast-falling snow, relatively warm temperatures, combined with an icy underlay, has rendered conditions “extremely slippery” on city roads — which have slowed plowing efforts, he continued. 

“Everything's rolling. But even our largesttrucks are having some problems moving through this,” he said. 

Sunday night plow crews faced a more-than-usual number of vehicles bucking the parking ban — because tow trucks’ progress was slowed, Goodkind continued: “The wreckers couldn’t move.” 

Snow banks remaining from the last large storm added to the apparent magnitude of accumulation. Plowing will raise and widen those roadside mounds, and slow the progress of sidewalk clearing, he added. 

Salt will not be applied until the storm slows, and plows are able to scrape more snow from road surfaces, Goodkind said.

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