Friday, April 1, 2011

Bicycling business data in your district

The message at the 2011 National Bike Summitwas: bicycling is good for business. Thanks to data from Bikes Belong and the America Bikes coalition partners, we were able to back up those words with numbers.America Bikes assembled fact sheets for every state and Congressional District.
They first list the amounts of federal investment in bicycling and walking using Transportation Enhancements since 1992 and Safe Routes to School since 2005. Then they show the gross revenue of bicycle retail stores for 2009 and the number of retail stores in the district or state. In the majority of the districts, the entire federal investment since 1992 is matched by retail revenue in just a few years.
Go here to see the National Bike Summit fact sheets for your state and district
Check out facts on biking and walking in Vermont HERE.
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