Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vermont Commuter Challenge! May 16-20 2011


Vermonters are putting a dent in carbon pollution during the weeklong Way To Go! Commuter Challenge. Last year we reduced over 240,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. So leave your car at home and join the fun. Individuals, businesses, schools, organizations - everyone is welcome. Last year we walked, biked, carpooled and rode the bus all the way to our goal. Join us for this year's commuter challenge and enjoy the benefits. It's healthy, fun and saves serious money and gas. Plus you'll be entered to win this years great prizes. Win a Burton snowboard, an ipod or go all the way and win the prestigious CARBON CUP! So let's GO. Together we can make a big impact on carbon pollution.

The Carbon Cup trophy is a new Way To Go! award this year to recognize Vermont employers and a Vermont community for their efforts to encourage participation, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation during the Way To Go! week. An engraved trophy will go to one small employer (under 50), one large employer (50 and over), and one Vermont city or town. The Carbon Cup winner will demonstrate strong participation and significant savings in transportation emissions. A winner will hold the cup for a year until the next year's Way To Go! Carbon Cup winner is declared. Be the first to win what is sure to become a prestigious annual award! 

We also will continue to offer Way To Go! participation awards to employers and communities to honor and thank those that demonstrate the highest levels of participation in the Way To Go! statewide challenge. 


Business AwardsOffered to micro, small, medium, large, macro and major employers based on percentage of employees participating.

Community Challenge AwardsVermont cities and towns compete to see which community can achieve the highest participation rate.

The 2010 Way To Go! School ChallengeA challenge for students, faculty and staff to walk, bike, carpool or take the bus to school.


1. One-Week Family Passes to Area Fitness Clubs
2. Discounts at Selected Area Sports Stores
3. ...And a Chance to Receive the following Raffle Prizes...

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