Monday, February 13, 2012

What are YOUR priorities for the City of Montpelier? Take the survey today.

From Montpelier Bikes:
Where do BIKES fit into the City's Envision Montpelier process -- or do they?
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Take this month’s survey related to Infrastructure and help us prioritize action strategies for Montpelier’s future.
Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Your feedback will guide the enVision Montpelier Steering Committee and the Montpelier Planning Commission as they review and prioritize the Community Action Plan, so please take time to complete the survey.

HINT: you can prioritize MULTIPLES of the transportation items, and vote for COMPLETE STREETS and WRITE-IN a vote for ON-ROAD bicycle facilities, as a Montpelier Bikes leader did here.

Montpelier Bikes' current projects include:

  • Developing a Complete Streets policy for the City of Montpelier.
  • Bicycle Parking - Working with the City of Montpelier and private property owners to install additional bicycle racks, bicycle shelters, and bicycle lockers in the downtown area.
  • Advocating for bicycle lanes on Route 2 / 302, and for bicycle facilities on other city streets.
  • Bicycle safety education & tips through classes and a one-on-one "Bike Buddy" program.
  • Having fun with relaxed bicycle rides such as our "Bike to Brunch" series and our Neighbohood Bike Tours.

We need you to be part of the process.  

While at times we may ask for volunteers, or request that you contact decision makers to show the constituency for bicycling — most of the time, we just want you to participate by riding your bike. 
The more bicyclists we have on the roads in Montpelier - the stronger our presence in the city.  The more bicyclists on the roads - the more drivers are aware of bicyclists on the roads, and the safer it is for everyone.

Please join our email list to stay in touch - just send an email to to ask to be added.  Thanks!

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