Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1500 walkers participate in 23rd annual COTS walk

From the Burlington Free Press

Members of Burlington drumming group Sambatucada lead hundreds of people up Pearl Street in Burlington on Sunday afternoon during the 23rd annual COTS Walk.
Some 1,500 people particpated in the 23rd annual COTS Walk on Sunday in Burlington.
The walkers traveled through the city in the direction “a homeless person might travel to receive shelter and services,” organizers said. Those shelters and services were open to the public so walkers could inspect how the Committee on Temporary Shelter has put previous donations to use.
Preliminary figures released by COTS said $157,500 was raised Sunday but organizers anticipate reaching the fundraising goal of $175,000 when the final donations come in during the next few weeks, said Becky Holt, COTS director of development and communications.

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