Monday, June 24, 2013

Car-Sharing in Montpelier?

Over the past year, CarShare Vermont has been working with a group of dedicated Montpelier volunteers to explore the possibility of expanding our successful car-sharing service to the Capital City. To gain a better understanding of how car-sharing might work for you, we have developed a short survey. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete; please click the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take the Survey Now

We are at a critical point in this feasibility study, and we need your input. Your feedback will help us better understand the transportation needs of the Montpelier community and whether CarShare Vermont is a good fit. Most importantly, we need to know if you’ll use our service so that we can determine whether or not expansion is possible.

To take the survey, please click the link above or copy and paste into your web browser. Please email, or call(802) 861-2340 with any questions. Thank you for your help!

More about CarShare Vermont

CarShare Vermont is a local non-profit organization that's on a mission to help Vermonters get around with fewer cars. We do this by providing an affordable, convenient, and reliable alternative to private car ownership. We station fuel-efficient vehicles in easy-to-access spots around town, which our members can use by the hour or by the day 24/7 to get where they need to go.

Since we set up shop in Burlington almost five years ago, over 800 students, businesses, families, and individuals have been enjoying the financial, environmental, community, and health benefits of being CarShare Vermont members.

Car-sharing is great for:

  • Running errands
  • Shopping trips & doctor's appointments
  • Recreational & social trips
  • Work-related travel
  • Out-of-town travel 
  • Other regular short-term travel needs
  • Occasional longterm travel
For more information about how CarShare Vermont works and the benefits of membership, please visit


Getting from here to there:

New project helps Montpelier State employees get around

By Mary Hooper

The State of Vermont is making big changes in how State employees can get to and from work in Montpelier. Starting July 1st the State will pay half the cost of a bus pass and will guarantee a ride home for employees who car/van pool or ride the bus. In addition, preferential parking will be developed for van and car poolers.  Employees will also be able to participate in a commuter choice benefit which will allow them to use pre-tax dollars to purchase bus tickets and pay for car pooling costs.  And finally, the State of Vermont is also sponsoring the CarShare Vermont feasibility study to determine whether car-sharing can be successful in Montpelier.

Communities around the country (Burlington and Hanover, for example) have seen great results by enacting this type of program. Businesses can invest in their employees instead of parking and employees can save money.  Traffic and parking pressures are reduced, and emissions are decreased. It's a win-win!

A State “transportation demand management” committee is working on promoting these ideas with state employees and looks forward to partnerships with the City of Montpelier and local businesses.  Combine these efforts with the City’s bus system and now all of us who live and work in Montpelier can get to work differently. And, if CarShare Vermont expands to Montpelier, we can even think about getting rid of a car altogether!

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