Sunday, June 23, 2013

Senator Schumer Leading the Charge to get Bikes on Amtrak Trains

Photo by Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
Commuting by bike makes a lot of sense in a big city, unless you have a far commute.  Commuting by train makes a lot of sense too, unless you don’t live or work close to a train station.  Bikes are great on vacations too, if you can get them there.  While some areas accommodate bikes on their trains exceedingly well, such as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority pictured above, other areas and routes offer barriers such as increased fees or having to box your bike, if you can bring them at all.  Hoping to increase tourism in upstate New York, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer urged Amtrak to add cargo cars on two lines, the Adirondack and Ethan Allen covering a combined 622 miles, exclusively for carrying bikes.  You can read more  here or here.

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