Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Contact Your House Reps re H.501

From the VBPC
H.501, a bill that treats all impaired drivers alike, whether they are impaired by alcohol or other drugs, has cleared a major hurdle.  It has been voted out by the House Judiciary Committee and now will be read three times before the full House.  The readings will likely take place today and tomorrow.  Now is the time to contact your House reps and urge them to support H.501.  The vote will be a voice vote and the bill will pass if there are no objections.  The bill will then will move to the Senate.  This "crossover" must happen to all non-money bills prior to this Friday, March 14, or the bill is dead.

H.501 will help law enforcement keep impaired drivers off Vermont's roads, thus making Vermont's roads safer for vulnerable roadway users such as bicyclists and pedestrians.  If you don't know who your reps are, go to  

This bill has momentum.  Let's keep it moving.  Thanks.

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