Saturday, March 15, 2014

VT House Votes "Yea" on H.501

This past Thursday, March 13, the VT House of Representatives took a roll call vote on H.501.  The result of the vote was 138 "yea" and 2 "nay" with 9 members absent.  The VBPC is very encouraged by this strong showing of support in the House and attributes much of this to the email messages and phone calls made by bike/ped advocates to House reps.  Thank you!

H.501 is a bill that will help law enforcement keep impaired drivers off Vermont's roadways because it eliminates the discrepancy between how drivers impaired by alcohol are treated vs. how drivers impaired by other drugs are treated. 

Reps. Branagan of Georgia and Donahue of Northfield voted against the bill.

Please thank the reps you contacted who voted for the bill.

H.501 now must pass the Senate if it is to become law.  Please stay tuned.

Thanks for responding to the VBPC's past action alerts!

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