Monday, October 31, 2011

Fixing South Burlington

From LocalMotion

South Burlington really boomed during the car-centric middle of the last century.  This meant that most of the development was friendly to cars, but not to walkers and bikers.
To South Burlington’s credit, they’ve succeeded in developing Vermont’s most comprehensive network of paths over the last 20 years — 12+ miles connecting many neighborhoods.  Now, the challenge is to create a city center and more pedestrian-friendly streets.
How the heck could the City make Williston Road an enjoyable place to walk and bike for example?  Not an easy proposition…but city officials and residents are trying.  See the update from Planning Director Paul Conner below.
Local Motion encourages our friends in South Burlington to get involved in this planning process.
Dear neighbors,
A hearty thank you to all those who were able to attend last night’s opening presentation and workshop on the Williston Road / City Center Community Design project. Over 60 people attended and participated! Last night set the stage for this project, by looking at what people want from a City Center and Williston Road area. Specifically, what form it should take. What makes one environment inviting to spend time in, and another just a place to get in and get out from? What do we want to have as an experience walking through City Center? What should Williston Road’s future buildings look like, in terms of overall size, height, setback, etc.
Today the design team spent the day working on the feedback from last night, touring the area, and meeting with individuals and groups.
Tomorrow, Friday, at 4:30, we’ll have a “mid-project” presentation and feedback. This will be the first ideas for what the standards (ie, rules, in a graphical form) for development could be. The team needs you input to refine these ideas.
On Saturday, at 3:00 pm, we’ll have our “closing presentation”, where the team will give their more refined ideas for the area, get more feedback, and discuss next steps to completing this project.
All events will be held here at City Hall. I hope to see you here. This project will be a success if together we make it one!
Community Design Workshop
FOR City Center & Williston Road
Help refine the vision for City Center and Williston Road into
standards for how these places will look, feel, and be used.
All are invited and encouraged to attend this important workshop. Attend one or all of the events!
The goal of this project is to establish new standards for development in these areas. It is critical that all views are shared, up front!
Community Pin-Up and Review
Friday, Oct 28th, 4:30 – 6:30 pm, City Hall (575 Dorset Street)
Closing Presentation
Saturday, Oct 29th, 3:00-5:00 pm, City Hall (575 Dorset Street)
Live Design Studio:
Wednesday Oct 26th to Saturday Oct 29th, City Hall (575 Dorset St.)
Please pass this message along to others.
Paul Conner, AICP
Director of Planning & Zoning
City of South Burlington
575 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT 05403

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