Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shelburne Looks to Enhance Vitality of Rt 7

Shelburne residents, town officials and planners are looking at ways Route 7 in their town can be a more vibrant mixed-use area.  Check out their "Parking Lots to Parkway" website.
Local Motion congratulates Shelburne for taking this step.  While the new Rt 7 provides continuous sidewalks and bikelanes, without a robust mix of housing, office and retail -- the corridor will remain mainly full of cars and stripmalls.
In mid-October, the three-day public workshop members of the design team looked at ways that Route 7 can be redeveloped and how existing buildings and sites can be repurposed to create a more attractive commercial sector that is also pedestrian oriented and incorporates housing.  A compact walkable pattern of development is in itself environmentally sound, but the team also looked at how green infrastructure can be a feature of redeveloped properties.
Working alongside representatives from the town, residents, and property owners the design team hopes to transform Route 7 from a suburban strip into a parkway and show how to achieve goals through revisions to land use regulations.
The result will be a "road map" for remaking this underperforming part of town into an attractive mixed-use district that residents can be proud of and that is a setting for many kinds of commerce and residences.\

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