Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bike Commuters by State — VT in Middle of Pack

From Local Motion

On the heals of Vermont’s 1st place finish in the National Bike Challenge, a study reporting the bike commuting levels by state has been released.
While the study’s findings only go up to 2010, it offers some good insights:
  • Vermont remains in the middle of the pack per capita for bike commuting.  Clearly we were well organized to take the top spot in the National Bike Challenge!
  • Our public investments in walking and bicycling per capita, by contrast, are second highest in the nation. Nice going Vermont! While not shown in the figures below, Vermont does have the second highest percentage of residents walking to work — due in part to our continued investment in pedestrian facilities and ourpromotion of active lifestyles.
The data is based on the American Community Survey undertaken every year by the US Department of Commerce.  See the full interactive tool at:
Vermonters, keep biking and walking!  Let’s get Vermont higher in the rankings each year.

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