Monday, October 1, 2012

Detour for cyclists on VT Route 107

From the VBPC

The VT Agency of Transportation has requested that the following information be shared regarding a detour for bicyclists on Route 107:

VTrans is undertaking a project on VT Route 107 in Stockbridge to make repairs as a result of damage from Irene. The project requires that about 4/10 of a mile of 107 is reduced to a single lane with temporary traffic signals controlling traffic at each end of th

e reduced section. The segment under construction is about ¾ mile west of the Stockbridge Central School. There will be times that flaggers are used when extra time and road space are needed for construction. This section of road is open to bicyclists during construction, but it is difficult to time the lights to allow for bicyclists to make it all the way through the one lane section before traffic is released from the opposite direction. There is an alternate route that can be used by bicyclists if they don’t want to deal with the delay and inconvenience of this construction. The alternate route uses Blackmer Boulevard, which intersects with 107 about ¼ mile west/south of the Stockbridge Central School. Blackmer is an unpaved local road that parallels Route 107 on the opposite side of the river and joins VT 100 near Ted Green Ford. Bicyclists would then travel south on VT 100 to rejoin VT 107. Bicyclists coming via VT 100 (as from Killington), would go north on 100 at the junction with 107 and then turn right on to Blackmer, rejoining 107 past the construction zone. This alternate route is not signed. This section of VT 107 is likely to be under construction between now and the beginning of November.

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